So You’re a Curvy Plus Size Body – Shape! has been researching the best fitting jeans for your body shape for over ten years now.

You have come to the right page if you are looking for the best ‘Curvy Jeans’ for your ‘Plus Size’.

Flaunt your body shape in one of these styles designed specifically for your Curvy- Plus Size.

Updated: 06/01/20


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Be sure to stay true to your unique rise measurement. Nothing is worse than spillage or the dreaded muffin top which is caused by the rise being too low, so go for a jean with an 8.5-inch rise or higher.

Always check the fabric contents label for Elastane or Lycra with a nylon mix that will stretch but also recover its shape too.

Need more help? Visit ‘Ask the Stylist’, Facebook page here where you can upload a photo of yourself in your jeans so I can give you recommendations of which styles/ brands are best for your body shape. Or book me for a denim style session to find your perfect jeans.

Image: Good American