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At times it’s difficult being an Apple body shape don’t you think?

Denim brands create jeans for body shapes such as Curvy, Plus Size, Petite and Tall but us Apples get somewhat overlooked.

How difficult could it be to design a jean with a larger waistband (half a size), a built-in push up for the bottom and slim legs to showcase our greatest assets! Now when I say a larger waistband I don’t mean the ugly elasticated waist but some sort of expanding style that’s comfortable to wear.

I often take the smaller size of jean because it fits my Apple shape better on the derriere and legs but the waistband can pinch and dig in at the waist because I hold most of my weight around my tummy area.

Denim brands and retailers are not catering for a whole body shape and it’s not because we are a minority. A high percentage of women heading into menopause and beyond find their waist thickens and they become an Apple shape. Of course, some women like myself have always had Apple body shapes and as menopause starts the waist increases again!

Number of Women Reaching Menopause :

An estimated 6,000 US women reach menopause buy ambien cheap every day. By the year 2020, the number of women who will be older than 55 is estimated to be 46 million. • With increasing life expectancy, many women will spend up to 40% of their lives in the postmenopausal stage. Half of all women who reach age 50 will live to be at least age 80.

Taken from The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 

Now that’s just in the USA, so how many women worldwide are dealing with their changing body shape? Too many to be ignored for sure.

So If this resonates with you and your thinking ‘Hell yes I want to be able to wear a flattering jean for my Apple body-shape” then sign the petition below and let’s get talking to retailers and denim brands to start to recognise our Apple body shape!



This petition is now closed.

End date: May 01, 2019

Signatures collected: 29

Signature goal: 5000

29 signatures

Signature goal: 5000

Latest Signatures
29 Ms Stephanie Webb United States May 01, 2019
28 Ms Sylvie Boutin Canada Apr 29, 2019
27 Ms Tracey Mills United States Apr 18, 2019
26 Ms OShellie Myers USA Apr 18, 2019
25 Ms Terry Ham United States Apr 16, 2019
24 Ms tracy sampson USA Apr 03, 2019
23 Miss DANIELLE RAINEY United States Apr 03, 2019
22 Ms Tracy Sampson USA Mar 22, 2019
21 Mrs Amber Leeson ?? Mar 16, 2019
20 Ms alysia auger Canada Mar 14, 2019
19 Mrs Dawn Wallace United Kingdom Mar 10, 2019
18 Ms JULIA GROCE United States Mar 08, 2019
17 Ms Melinda Suarez USA Feb 27, 2019
16 Ms Jennifer Forte United States Feb 26, 2019
15 Ms Dawn Farist United States Feb 15, 2019
14 Ms Kajsia McCoy United States Feb 04, 2019
13 Mr Murad Hossain Bangladesh Feb 02, 2019
12 Ms Mary Isrey USA Jan 28, 2019
11 Ms Holly Wuflestad USA Jan 27, 2019
10 Ms Bria My Qatar Jan 24, 2019
9 Ms Beverly DAVIS United States Jan 12, 2019
8 Ms Kerry Hebert United States Jan 11, 2019
7 Ms Joanne Orwell England Jan 06, 2019
6 Ms Zoe Hill United Kingdom Nov 16, 2018
5 Mrs Jennifer Hoffman United States Oct 28, 2018
4 Ms Caroline Lai United Kingdom Oct 20, 2018
3 Ms Susan Flanagan United Kingdom Oct 18, 2018
2 Ms Charmaine Stewart United States Oct 18, 2018
1 Ms Sam Remer ?? Oct 16, 2018
29 5000

Let’s try and get as many signatures as possible to convince denim brands and retailers they are missing out on revenue and we are missing out on jeans specifically made for our body shape.

Feel free to comment below and tell your side of shopping for an Apple body shape!

Let’s make a difference!

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